Two Minute Fireworks Show 63 Shot Black Cat


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Effects: _x000D_
1. Brocade tail up to red star and crackle._x000D_
2. White, green and red glitter._x000D_
3. Brocade tail up to brocade and red glitter._x000D_
4. Red, green and blue star._x000D_
5. Brocade tail up to lemon and purple star with white glitter._x000D_
6. Crackle._x000D_
# of Shots: 63_x000D_
Size: 6.75″ H X 13″ W X 13″ D_x000D_
Wholesale Information_x000D_
Packing: 3/1_x000D_
Case Weight: 27.3 lbs_x000D_
UPC: 715244-064335_x000D_


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